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My Mission...

Love what you do and your work will show it. Weddings and portraits is what I do. I love spending time with all my clients and getting to know them. I am committed to making each experience personal and something that you can carry with you and remember for a life-time. 



All About Love


It starts with Passion


I couldn't image being rooted anywhere else but Charleston, SC. It's the place I love,

and the place I've called home for 5 years.Charleston, for me it everything I ever

thought it would be- Romantic, charming,beautiful, elegant... Southern charm at it's very

finest. It's no wonder that couples travel from around the world to get married here,

or do engagement pictures here. Even if you are traveling with family or friends, finding

a reason to capture your memories here is never a bad idea.As much as I love Charleston,

I am also just as happy to Travel for my Clients!I have traveled for clients to Georgia, Alabama,

and Michigan- and looking to add more states and other countries to this list very soon. I also do

a lot more than just weddings and engagements! I also offer family portraits, senior portraits,

head-shots, sports portraits and so much more!


Short, Sweet & to the Point


About Me

They always say that if you have a job you love, you will never work a day in your life... photography has been my calling since I was a child. Holding a camera in my hand has alway felt right and I would walk to the ends of the earth if it meant capturing the once in a lifetime shot.

I'm bold, vivacious and bubbly with a wanderer's spirit. If you are looking for a creative, laid back and down to earth photographer- let's get in touch!